Nectar is a heavy and chiming pendant with a set of six petals around a center of an 18 K gold circle. It is made with the sugary liquid flowers produce to attracts pollinators in mind - the nectar! When the flowers sense that the pollinators, be it bees, butterflies, moths or other species, are near, the flow of nectar increases - and when the pollination is done, the remaining nectar is absorbed back into the plant.

The pendant Nectar can be worn in several different ways to resemble the image of a pair of lungs, a butterfly, a whimsical asymmetrical shape or with all the petals folded down together, like a flower closing up at dusk. This process is called nyctinasty and scientists don’t know for sure why some flowers do it - maybe to keep the pollen dry and make it easier for the pollinators to pick up in the morning..?

Please note that you need a Stitch chain (or another chain with double clasps and extra rings) to be able to wear Nectar in these different ways. Chains are sold separately and are available in two different lengths, 80 and 95 cm. Pictured here is the 80 cm chain on a size S model.

Nectar is hand made by ELK market metal in 100 % recycled materials - Argentium silver for the petals and 18 K gold for the center ring.

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