Hidden place pendant

Hidden place pendant


• hidden place pendant •

I sometimes think about trolls when I walk the forest. The mythological trolls in Swedish folklore, big and heavy creatures dwelling in mountains or caves, in deep forests, far from humans. We have a word, bergtagen, that was used to describe how people were taken by the trolls and returned weeks, months or even years later, forever changed. They can also, just like the fairies in Celtic, German, Irish and many other European legends, steal a human baby and leave in its place a child of their own kind. The trolls are here for our unexplained experiences and our fears, but they can also offer a way into our own minds, as the outstanding poet and author of children's rhymes, verses and books Lennart Hellsing tells in his poem Trollringen, The troll ring. In Swedish, it reads...

"När jag gick och tänkte på ingenting
kom där ett troll med en silverring.
När jag gick och tänkte på ingenting
fick jag av trollet hans silverring.
Ser jag genom ringen som trollet gett
- ser jag vad ingen i världen sett!
Och när jag min trollring till örat fört
- hör jag vad ingen i världen hört.
Sätter jag på stortån den ring jag fått
går jag dit ingen i världen gått.
Vill du följa med mig så går det an
- om du skaffar en likadan."

This is a Hidden place for trolls, the ones within or the ones without. It measures a chunky troll sized 4,5 cm across, and the golden nugget is an almost one gram heavy piece of water cast, recycled 18 K gold. The process of water casting is serendipitous, making each gold nugget absolutely unique in shape and texture. Some turn out like little bowls, other like smooth pearls, others again with an irregular and rough form.

Please note that the chain is sold separately. You’ll find chains here.

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