Handmade stitch markers

Handmade stitch markers


The elkmarkers are hand made stitch markers made from 100 % recycled Argentium silver, ELK market metal’s main metal used for jewellery. Each kit contains 15 stitch markers: 5 circles, 5 drops and 5 twists; open stitch markers in the shape of the symbol for “twisted stitch” used in knitting charts.

The circles and drops are closed stitch markers and are slipped from one needle to the other on every row of the work. They can be used to keep track of repeats in a pattern, to mark the beginning of a round or to mark out the stitch/stitches where an increase or decrease is repeated.

The circles and drops measure around 6-7 mm. The open twist markers measure around 9-10 mm, and can be slid on and off the stitches in your work, for example to mark out where the last increase or decrease was made. Each and every little marker is hand made in the ELK market metal studio - they are measured, cut, fused, shaped and hammered all by hand, and there may thus be a slight variation in size and look between the markers.

The stitch markers come packed in a small steel box with a sliding lid measuring around 3x6 cm, that can also hold more markers, darning needles or other little trinkets.

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