The autumn equinox.

September is here, with birch leaves raining down through clear, crisp air. The first frost came and went, and I’ve had to dig out my mittens for the morning walks through the forest with Fennica the Welsh springer spaniel. Her fur is my favourite colour right now, and the grey hairs spreading out around her nose and eyes remind me of all the days we’ve had together, and, hopefully, all the days to come. She’ll be 7 this winter, but the Welsh is a healthy, long-lived breed and if we’re lucky, she’ll see the kids go into their teenage years - and me into my 40s…


September has been a flurry for me, mentally and work wise. I handed in my leave of absence at the library, and come the new year I’ll be working full time with Elk market metal, as well as the sprouting sister branch Elk market yarn. I've been knitting and knitting and thinking about wool and knitwear design, and also about words and what we do with them, what our responsibility is when we use them to describe others, or, in this case, to tell a story of a creative endeavour. Elk market metal, and subsequently Elk market yarn, is deeply rooted in words; in poetry and folklore and myth, and I now have a section on this website where I elaborate on my words, and actions, and how it all fits together in running a business while being on edge with capitalist society, navigating the structural oppressions so fundamental to this system. Please find it here.


This month also brought the release of the Sylvestris earrings, and I have a whole bunch of new pieces prepared for the fairs I’m attending in October. On the 19th I’m going to b. Babywearing festival in Stockholm, on the 26th I’ll be at Carry and Connect outside of Utrecht, and then me and the family, and our favourite not-family-member Nadja (you’ll meet her at C&C!) will hop on the train and spend a couple of days in Paris. And when in Paris… do a pop-up shop! Right?! So I’ll be at my friends Nadine’s boutique Davaï for a few hours on Tuesday the 29th. If you’re local or within travelling distance, head on up to Rue de la Vilette in the 19th arr and hang out with me for a bit!


After Stockholm, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Paris I’ll be taking it super easy right here, at home, in the forest. I’m looking forward to going on bat excursions with the kids now that dusk comes earlier and earlier, and I have mittens and hats to knit… the preparations to get everything in order for the yarn shop will be a huge deal, but quite possibly also one of the best and most life affirming things I’ve done in a while. If you happen to live close by, I plan on having regular knit nights in my studio, a red little wooden cottage from the beginning of the last century. Perhaps we’ll meet there, in the forest.

Lotta H Löthgren