a start

Welcome, reader. 

This is a blog tied to ELK market metal, a jewellery maker and metal bender's home online. For introductions, I'm Lotta, maker, creator and queen of this castle. (It's just me really so there are no uncomfortable hierarchies to uphold.) I reside in the forest somewhere in southern Sweden with my partner and our kids (human) and animals (chickens, cats, a dog), and since the beginning of 2017 I'm making precious metal jewellery in my home studio.

On this blog I intend to share bits and pieces from this adventure. I wanted a place to invite you to listen in on my thoughts and theories on running a business by myself, and working with producing things in a world that's collapsing under the weight of ownership, commercialism and consumerism. I hope there will be political and philosophical posts, posts on what creativity is and how it works, post on ways of learning to live with yourself and others. Possibly posts about cats too. 

Since I have a tendency to grind myself down with perfectionism I'm trying this out gently. No big plan, no scheme or blueprint, no perfect "lifestyle" pics. When you have a blog tied to your business, I guess the main goal should be using it to sell more of your stuff, but that's not really the intention here. Believe me, I'm immensely happy whenever you buy something from me. I love the process of receiving an order, packing it up, printing the shipping label, leaving it to my mail person and thinking about where in the world it's going. Of course your buying my jewellery is a prerequisite for me to be able to keep on doing this - but. It's a one woman business. I have another job too, and small children, and lots of things going on, and I decided from the get go that this was not going to be a huge business where success is equal to constant expansion, competing with myself abut selling as much as possible. No. This is growing slowly, in a more organic way. I don't have new pieces to show every month. I don't have sales. My work is equally valuable before Christmas (when shopping is an almost religious calling) as in July (when lots of people are taking breaks from being online). And if you would like to resell your items from me when you feel done with them, I don't want to compete with that. 

I also don't market myself in magazines or online, which means your reviews and appreciation and recommendations are worth so much to me and my business. Thank you for being part of that. 

That's enough for a start. I leave you with a few pics from my studio this sunny Saturday evening. It's messy and dirty and very much alive. There's light and shadow, and I intend to keep it that way.

Lotta H Löthgren